The QR Code Comeback

Jun 25, 2024

This week I’ll be at HITEC in Charlotte, North Carolina (The biggest hotel technology show on the planet. So for this week’s topic, we’re going to keep it simple and talk about the famous QR code we’ve known forever 😉.

QR ?

QR’ stands for “Quick Response.” This is because QR codes provide information way faster than traditional barcodes. They can be read 10 times faster than any other code and they can stock 200 times more information!

Who invented the QR code?

The QR code was invented in Japan in 1994 by Masahiro Hara who was an engineer with Denso Wave (an industrial equipment manufacturer with the Toyota Group). Hara knew that the multiple barcodes on automobile parts were slowing down Toyota’s production system. He therefore proceeded to develop what we now know as a QR code.

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