Tip&Go offers a quick and easy way for hotel guests to tip safely when they don’t have cash on hand. How does it work? How? Using their cell phone, guests simply scan the QR code on the easel card. The employee’s name shows and the guest confirms the tip amount.

What can Tip&Go offer to the hotel business?

A modern, turnkey solution that is quick and easy to use for guests and employees. The electronic Tip&Go envelope replaces the traditional envelope! Tip&Go !

  • No more tip management and transaction costs for hotels.
  • Improves employee satisfaction and retention. Tips can increase staff compensation by up to 30% without affecting the hotel bottom line.
  • Attract and retain talent; a daily motivating factor for existing team members.
Contactless Digital Tipping
The Tip&Go solution seamlessly processes the guest’s electronic tip, his real-time feedback and service rating via a secure platform (2023).

Employees have access to a secure dashboard where they can view their earnings, and hotel managers to another dashboard where they can see comments, ratings and tip statistics (2023).

Digital tipping solution

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