Tutorial : Q&A

What is Tip&Go?

On average, how much more tips will I make with Tip&Go?

If I receive electronic tips, will I get less tips in cash?

Do customers need an app to tip me?

How do I create a Tip&Go account?

Do I need to pay to create and use my Tip & Go account?

If I don’t sign up with Tip&Go at first, can I sign up later?

When I register with Tip&Go, do I have to download a picture of myself?

When I register with Tip&Go, do I have to use my real name?

How long does it take for my Tip&Go account to become active?

How long is my QR code valid?

Can I change my personal information like my address, picture, banking account info, etc.

Can guests see my personal information?

Do I need a bank account to get paid?

How do I know how much tips I made?

How can I get more cards because some of mine are missing or are damaged?

Is it safe for me to give my banking details?

Will Tip&Go have access to my bank account?

When and how often do I receive my tips?

If there are issues with the amounts deposited on my bank account e.g., my tips were not deposited or wrong amounts were deposited, what do I do?

When are tips pooled?

How are pooled tips distributed among housekeepers?

Do I have to report my electronic tips for tax purposes?

Where can I see the total amount of tips that I received this year?

How much does Tip&Go charge for its services?