Ready to Dive?

Jun 10, 2024

When I stay at a hotel, ending my day with a swim is rejuvenating. It helps me transition smoothly from work to personal time. For young families, having access to a swimming pool can be a life saver when the weather is bad, keeping kids busy and happy 😉. Whatever the reason, swimming pools are one of those amenities that everyone enjoys when residing at a hotel.

Once upon a time

The Great Bath at Mohenjo-daro in Sindh (Pakistan) is likely the first pool ever made by man. It was constructed about 3000 years BC. The pool’s sides and floor were made of bricks that were then sealed with layers of tar. Discovered in 1926, it was thought to be used for spiritual bathing by the ancient Indus Valley people, who lived in the south of modern-day Pakistan.

Ancient Greeks and Romans built artificial pools for athletic training, nautical games and military exercises. Roman emperors had private swimming pools in which they kept fish, hence one of the Latin words for a pool was piscina (in Latin, the word piscis means fish, and piscīna fishpond. In modern-day French, a swimming pool is a ‘piscine’).

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